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Payce Digital Contactless FAQs

What is a contactless Payce Digital Card?2021-07-23T19:00:10+00:00

Your Payce Digital Card carries contactless payment technology which allows you to make payments at contactless enabled checkout terminals by simply waving or tapping your Card to initiate payment.

How do I get a contactless Payce Digital Card?2021-07-23T19:00:33+00:00

You will receive your new contactless Payce Digital Card in the mail when your existing Card expires.

How do I use my contactless Payce Digital Card?2021-07-23T19:00:55+00:00

Simply look for the contactless payment symbol on the checkout terminal; if the terminal accepts contactless payments, tap your contactless Payce Digital Card on the terminal, you can also wave above the terminal to initiate the payment. Once approved, the terminal will beep to confirm a successful payment transaction.

Where can I use my contactless Payce Digital Card?2021-07-23T18:59:45+00:00

Your contactless Payce Digital Card can be used at any merchant who carries a contactless payment terminal. If the merchant does not carry a contactless enabled device, you may still proceed with your payment by either swiping or inserting your Card.

How do I make payments to my Payce Digital Card?2023-06-19T15:21:28+00:00

Payce Digital Payments can be made at the following locations:

  • One + Haggatt Hall Payment Center | 8:00am – 4:30pm
  • Broad Street Payment Center | 8:30am – 5:00pm
  • SurePay Barbados*

For your added convenience, the following online options are available:

  • CIBC FirstCaribbean Online Service*
  • Scotiabank Barbados Online Service*
  • RBC Royal Bank Online Service*
  • Barbados Public Workers’ Co-Optima Connect Service*
  • SurePay Online*
  • FirstCitizens Bank Online Service*
  • Republic Bank Barbados Online Service*

*kindly note that payments via our Bill Payment Partners may take 1-2 days for processing.

Also, please be advised that any Cardholder making a payment of $10k or more to their Payce Digital Account is required to complete and submit the Declaration of Source Funds Form within 7 business days. In the event that the form is not submitted within the allotted time, the account will be suspended until the form is subsequently received.

How secure is a contactless payment?2021-07-23T19:01:21+00:00

Very secure! Payments made with your contactless Payce Digital Card are protected with the same technology as Chip & Pin.

What are some of the benefits of making contactless payments?2021-07-23T19:04:56+00:00

Contactless payments are extremely quick and easy which makes them ideal for payments at fast food restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas and more. They are also very secure as each contactless transaction generates a one-time usage code which protects your payment information.

Will I be protected against the threat of fraud with my contactless Payce Digital Card?2021-07-23T19:02:30+00:00

Yes! Each contactless card carries an EMV chip which adds an extra layer of security and interacts securely with contactless terminals. Sensitive information such as your CVV number, PIN etc. cannot be accessed by hackers.

Can I accidentally initiate a contactless payment if I come into close proximately to a contactless terminal?2021-07-23T19:03:01+00:00

No. There are key steps which have to be taken such as confirmation of the purchase amount, in addition to your verification of the amount which has been entered into the contactless terminal.

I’ve lost my contactless Payce Digital Card. What should I do?2021-07-23T19:03:30+00:00

Even though it may look easy to initiate a transaction, contactless cards carry limits on the value of transactions, which may prompt for additional information such as your PIN if the amount goes over an unspecified amount. Nevertheless, you are advised to contact the Payce Digital office immediately by using the numbers at the back of your Card, if you lose or misplace your Card.

Additionally, we advise you to register for transactional alerts which notifies you of any unauthorized transactions which are made on your account.

If I am indeed the victim of a fraudulent attempt on my contactless Payce Digital Card, how would I go about reporting this?2021-07-23T19:04:13+00:00

We advise you to always be vigilant, however, in the event that your card is compromised the Card will be immediately blocked and an investigation launched. A new contactless Payce Digital Card will then be reissued.

Card PIN Selection FAQs

What is a PIN?2021-07-23T19:05:47+00:00

A PIN is a four (4) digit Personal Identification Number which is uniquely linked to your Payce Digital Card. This PIN is required to initiate payments at any Chip & PIN enabled terminal and for ATM withdrawals.

How do I receive my PIN?2021-07-23T19:06:11+00:00

Your PIN was initially provided to you when you became a Cardholder, to be used in the process of ATM withdrawals.

Will my existing PIN continue to work?2021-07-23T19:06:41+00:00

Yes, your current PIN will continue to work, however, you now have the ability to change your PIN at your convenience. Please note that once a PIN has been changed, the old PIN becomes invalid.

I can’t recall receiving a PIN, how do I get a new one?2021-07-23T19:08:26+00:00

You can gain access to a new PIN by following these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Payce Digital Online account at www.paycedigital.com
  2. Select “Preferences
  3. Then select “Change PIN” under “Card Online PIN
  4. Enter your chosen four (4) digits and then select “Update
  5. Once confirmed an “Online PIN has been changed” message will be displayed.
If I do not have a new contactless Chip & PIN card and require a new PIN what do I do?2021-07-23T19:09:08+00:00

If you require a new PIN, simply log into your Payce Digital Online Account and follow the steps provided above to generate a new PIN.

Will I be required to provide my current PIN in order to obtain a new PIN?2021-07-23T19:10:25+00:00

No. Simply log into the Payce Digital Online portal where your credentials will be verified. This will allow you to freely create a new PIN.

How long will it take for my new PIN to be active?2021-07-23T19:10:03+00:00

When you initiate a PIN change via the Payce Digital Online portal, the change is enforced immediately, allowing you instant access for POS purchases.

How many times can I change my PIN?2021-07-23T19:11:06+00:00

There are no restrictions on the number of times you can change your PIN online.

Do I have to provide a PIN when making online transactions?2021-07-23T19:11:31+00:00

No, your PIN is only required for POS transactions or if you wish to make withdrawals at a ATM.

What happens when the merchant does not accept Chip & PIN Cards?2021-07-23T19:11:54+00:00

In the event that the merchant’s terminal is not Chip & PIN enabled, you will be asked to confirm the transaction by using your signature.

Is it safe to reveal my PIN to Friends and Family?2021-07-23T19:12:20+00:00

No. You must never share your PIN details as it must be protected at all times. If you suspect that someone has identified your PIN number, you are advised to log into the Payce Digital Online portal and immediately change your PIN.

Creditor Life Insurance FAQs

Who is eligible for Creditor Life Insurance?2021-07-23T19:45:34+00:00

All Payce Digital Account holders between the age of 18 and 65 are registered under the Creditor Life Plan.

How do I apply for Creditor Life Insurance?2021-07-23T19:46:22+00:00

No need to apply! All Payce Digital Account holders are automatically registered for the program.

How much does Creditor Life Insurance cost?2021-07-23T19:47:00+00:00

The premium rate is .25ȼ per $100 per month of the outstanding loan balance at the end of the prior month for a single Cardholder. For example, if your account balance at the end of July is $1,550, a total premium of $3.88 will be charged to your Payce Digital account during the month of August.

What are my benefits for having Creditor Life Insurance?2021-07-23T19:47:29+00:00

The outstanding balance on your Payce Digital account will be repaid if you become disabled due to Short-Term or Long-Term illness or in the event of death.

Can I be covered for joint insurance?2021-07-23T19:47:57+00:00

No, the coverage is only applicable to the principal Cardholder.

Do I have to provide medicals to be eligible for Creditor Life insurance?2021-07-23T19:48:22+00:00

No. Medical evidence is not required for this insurance.

How do I pay my premium?2021-07-23T19:48:48+00:00

The premium will be charged directly to your Payce Digital account each month, once you have an outstanding balance at the end of the previous month.

When does my coverage terminate?2021-07-23T19:49:19+00:00

Coverage terminates at age 70.

What happens if I repay my outstanding balance and two (2) months later I incur a balance? Do I have to reapply for coverage?2021-07-23T19:49:47+00:00

No, you will not be required to reapply and you will only be charged a premium if you incur a balance on your account.

Can I opt-out of the Credit Life Plan?2021-07-23T19:50:20+00:00

The Creditor Life Plan is a benefit and feature of Payce Digital. As a result, the Payce Digital Card cannot be activated without the Creditor Life Plan.

Loyalty Rewards FAQs

Do I have to call or visit the office to register or sign up for this initiative?2022-08-15T19:27:02+00:00

No. Payce Digital Cardholders have been automatically entered.

Am I eligible to participate in the loyalty initiative?2022-08-15T19:26:39+00:00

Yes. Any Payce Digital Cardholder (Classic/Gold) whose account is in good standing are eligible to participate.

Will I have to accumulate points under this initiative?2022-08-15T19:28:32+00:00

No, your continued usage of the Payce Digital Card and App will count towards your transactional activity.

When will I have a chance to be eligible to receive a reward?2022-08-15T19:42:05+00:00

Account activity will be tallied and disbursed under the following schedule:

Transactional Activity Period Rewards Issuance Period
April – June July – September
July – September October – December
October – December January – March
January – March April – June
Where can I track and follow my transactional activity?2022-08-15T19:29:49+00:00

You can monitor your transactions via the Payce Digital App or from your Payce Digital Online Account.

How will I know if I have been selected to receive a reward?2022-08-15T19:30:19+00:00

If you have been selected to receive a reward, you will receive congratulatory communication from Payce Digital.

I received an email stating that I have received a reward. How do I select my option?2022-08-15T19:30:48+00:00

Simply click the link provided in your congratulatory communication and select from the reward options available.

Will I be able to chose more than one reward?2022-08-15T19:31:17+00:00

You are only permitted to select one (1) reward voucher.

Can I change my rewards selection after I have submitted my choice?2022-08-15T19:31:51+00:00

Unfortunately, rewards selections are final once issued and cannot be exchanged.

Do I have to visit the office to collect my reward?2022-08-15T19:32:22+00:00

No, reward vouchers will be distributed electronically; in the event that we are unable to release to your email or mobile device, a physical voucher will be sent via the mail.

How long will my reward be available before expiration?2022-08-15T19:32:51+00:00

Once your reward has been selected and distributed, an expiration date will be provided on the individual reward; based on the reward chosen, this date should be acknowledged and adhered to.

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